Rt. 66 Prairie

Rt. 66 Prairie


The Rt. 66 Prairie is a monarch habitat and native prairie site located on the east frontage road between Litchfield, Illinois (Exit 52) and Carlinville, Illinois (Exit 60). Trace the steps of bygone Route 66 as you traverse the native prairie grass and walk amongst the monarchs. The Rt. 66 Prairie is made possible by the Natural Area Guardians and partners of the Route 66 Monarch Flyway.

Short video of the Route 66 Prairie when it first opened.

  • Address: East Frontage Road between Litchfield (Exit 52) and Carlinville (Exit 60), Litchfield, Illinois 62056
  • Phone: 217-324-8147
  • Website: Visit Website >

Additional Images

  • Monarchs on Milkweed
  • Rt. 66 Prairie