Lake Lou Yaeger Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail

Lake Lou Yaeger Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail

Lake Lou Yaeger Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail

Route 66 Hike and Bike Trail

Hiking & Biking

Are you looking to take a small stroll, large hike, or a challenging mountain bike ride? Look no further than the Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail at Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, Illinois.

Four hikers walking on a trail through the woods

About the Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail

The Route 66 Hike &  Bike Trail at Lake Lou Yaeger is named in honor of the Route 66 alignments in Litchfield. A round-trip trek on this trail is approximately 6.6 miles. Trail heads are indicated by signage and accessible at any picnic area or playground. The trail is complete with trail markers and Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail Maps From April 1 to October 31, restroom are open at each picnic area the trail passes. Be sure to bring water and food with you.  Also, wear appropriate walking shoes for uneven terrain. Other items you may want to bring are bug spray, a basic first aid, binoculars and a camera.

Three mountain bikers on the trail looking out over the lake.

Trail Map

Trail maps are posted at each trail head, but if you want to check out the terrain before you go, view the Trail Map Here.>

 For Bikers

Man mountain biking on trailMountain bikers will not get bored with this trail. Each portion of the 6.6 miles of the Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail will test a different level of your skill set. To practice some of the obstacles you will encounter on the trail, a practice loop is located at the far south end of the trail at Picnic Area 4 (use 4 Marina Lane for your GPS). Bicycle repair stations are available in three locations along the trail: The north trail head next to the large playground across from the Lake Shed (4831 Beach House Trail), the trail head at Picnic Area 3, and the south trail head located by Picnic Area 4 and Marina 2 (4 Marina Lane).

For Hikers

Two men hiking in the wooods.Plan your own hike on the Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail. Spend all day outside and traverse all 6.6 miles of the down and back trail, or stroll on shorter portions of the trail from picnic area to picnic area, or walk one of the trail loops. With uneven wooded terrain this trail would be considered easy to moderate depending on the area. Hikers will encounter flat terrain to steeper downgrades.

Other Hiking Options: Shoal Creek Conservation Area

A view of the bench along Shoal Creek Conservation Area

If you are looking for a shorter nature trail, consider walking Shoal Creek Conservation Area. Since Shoal Creek Conservation Area has so much to offer, we have a separate page dedicated to what you can find there.

Read more on the Shoal Creek Conservation Area >

Dog Policy

You are welcome to bring your furry friends along for the fun. Due to city ordinance, dogs must remain leashed at all times. Dogs are prohibited on horse trails for the safety of horseback riders.

Horse Policy

Equestrians are not permitted on the hiking and biking trails. If you are an equestrian looking for somewhere to ride, check out the 25+ miles of equestrian trails and the equestrian campground.

Glimpse the trails at Lake Lou Yaeger