Litchfield Getaway Package Treat Yourself

Litchfield Getaway Package

Welcome to Litchfield, Illinois! We know it has been a stressful time, and you deserve a break! We took a moment to prepare a safe and relaxing Litchfield getaway package for you. These suggestions are complete with discounted hotel rates, special promotions, and fun excursions that you can set up! Mix and match for the fit that is best for you. Happy traveling and we will see you when you visit Litchfield, Illinois!

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Day 1: Welcome to Litchfield!

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Hotel Check In:

To ensure you have a safe place to stay, the following hotels in Litchfield are offering a 25% off discounted rate for individuals who ask for the “Litchfield Tourism Rate”. This rate will be offered through October 2020. Make sure to print a copy of your hotel confirmation because you will use this to receive additional discounts throughout Litchfield!

To obtain this discounted rate, please call the hotel directly at the following numbers:
1. Hampton Inn & Suites: 217-324-4441
2. Holiday Inn Express & Suites: 217-324-4556
3. Baymont Inn & Suites: 217-324-2500

Explore Route 66

Once you are settled in, get your kicks on Route 66. Hop in your car and cruise Historic Old Route 66 in Litchfield. Make sure you grab your camera so you can pose next to these famous historic sites.

Start your journey outside the Litchfield Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center. Take your picture with the original Vic Suhling Gas Station sign and read the outdoor exhibits.

Exclusive Special:

Walk across the street to Jubelt’s Bakery and Restaurant. Now is a good time to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as some awesome souvenirs! Jubelt’s is offering travelers the following souvenir keepsake promotion for those who prove they are staying in a Litchfield hotel by showing a copy of their Litchfield hotel confirmation. Orders can be made at the drive through window or through the online portal at orders.cake.net/11171843.
Visitors who prove they are staying in a Litchfield hotel will receive the  following promotional item with the purchase level below:
• $5-$10 – Jubelt’s key chain and postcard
• $10-$20 – Jubelt’s tote bag
• $20-$30 – Insulated Tote Bag or Coffee Mug
• $30 -$40 – Jubelt’s T shirt
• $40 and Up – Jubelt’s Travel Mug

Then head next door to the world-famous Ariston Café. This building is found on the National Register of Historic Places, is the oldest continuously operating restaurant on all of Route 66, and is complete with all original neon lighting! You can read about the Ariston at the wayfinding sign located alongside the parking lot. Make sure to take a piece of paper and a pencil and make a rub of the Ariston seal on the sign as a great keepsake. We suggest coming back here and grabbing a bite to eat when the restaurant is open!

As you keep cruising down the Mother Road, the next Roadside attraction can be found in the parking lot at Niehaus Cycle Sales. This double-sided wayfinding sign offers information about Route 66 and some other regional Route 66 attractions near Litchfield. If you step inside this business, you can purchase some Route 66 memorabilia.

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Enhance Your Visit:

Your next stop as you continue to head north on Litchfield’s Historic Route 66, will be the Litchfield Skyview Drive-in. This theater is the oldest continuously operating drive-in on all of Route 66. The last wayfinding sign can be found next to their original marquee. Make sure to plan your vacation just right because the Drive-In is open on Friday and Saturday night (and every second Sunday). If you are traveling through, contact the Drive-In at 217-556-1929 to schedule one of their optional excursions! (Pre-registration is required to arrange one of these excursions. Please contact the number above for fees.)
• Arrange a tour of the Skyview Drive-In.
• Add a dinner and a movie package to your trip.
• Change the marquee.

Now that you made it to the northern most Historic Route 66 attraction, turn your car around and cruise back south. You have a unique photo opportunity. Pull your car over and snap a picture of the Belvidere Motel and Route 66 Café. This site is on the National Register of Historic Places and is private property, but you can pause and snap a photo from the road.

To make sure you cruise all of Litchfield’s alignments, keep heading south on Historic Route 66. At the southernmost point, the 1930-1940 alignment joins up with the 1940-1977 alignment. From there you have two options:
1. Hop on this four-lane and return North back into Litchfield.
2. Turn your car south and continue following Route 66 into the neighboring community of Mt. Olive and explore two additional Route 66 attractions: the Russell Soulsby Shell Station and the Mother Jones Monument in Union Miner’s Cemetery.

Night Out

Now you are ready for a night out on the town! Head over to the Litchfield Skyview Drive-In and enjoy a movie under the stars! If you are too tuckered out for a movie, Nancy’s Pizza is offering a 15% discount to anyone who shows a copy of their Litchfield hotel confirmation.

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Day 2: Rest, Relax, and Enjoy!

Good morning!

Today is yours to create! Enjoy breakfast at your hotel or head over to one of Litchfield’s numerous dining establishments.

Get Outdoors

Enjoy a morning of movement or stretch and relax at Lake Lou Yaeger in a private session with a FIT-to-GO certified personal trainer. (Groups of up to 8 participants are welcome as well.) Arrange your session by calling 217-246-4980. Programming options include Stretch & Relaxation; Yoga; Pilates; HIIT or Boot Camp. Sessions are not limited to the morning only; arrange for a later time in the day if you prefer! Cost: $20 for an individual 40-minute session; $15 per person for a partner/friend session; $12 per person for a group of up to 8 participants.

Now sit back, rest, relax, and rejuvenate, you deserve it. Spend your day at Lake Lou Yaeger Recreational Area! Enjoy the picturesque scenery as you walk or mountain bike the Route 66 Hike & Bike Trail. These trails are open from sunup to sundown. For a shorter walk head to the Shoal Creek Conservation Area.

You can even grab your fishing pole, lawn chair, and Illinois Fishing license to enjoy fishing from the shore of this 1,400-acre lake. If you just want to relax by the shore and catch some rays, this is your destination! Remember to bring your camera!


Take a break and fuel up. Enjoy a 15% off discount from Nancy’s Pizza (provide Litchfield hotel confirmation) or select from one of our other 30 dining options.


Head into downtown Litchfield, where the Briar Rose is offering a 15% discount off any one item, Ooh La La Décor & More and Sweet Repeats are offering 10% off any one item, and Phyllbena’s is offering a 20% discount off an item over $20 in booth 101. To receive any shopping discount, visitors must show a copy of their Litchfield hotel confirmation. There are also a few other specialty shops you can enjoy! Then, walk around the historic Litchfield Carnegie Library building and Litchfield Veteran’s Memorial Garden.

Optional Excursions

Can’t get enough of golfing? Enjoy a round of golf at the Litchfield Country Club. For just  $20 visitors can play a round on this well-maintained local course. We are sure you will love it, so you may also want to inquire about memberships! Contact them at 217-324-4115, stop by the clubhouse, or e-mail them at litchfieldcountryclub@gmail.com.

If you are in Litchfield on a Saturday, we suggest making a short drive to the neighboring community of Hillsboro, IL and stop outside of the Opera House Brewing Company where you can pick up cans of their specialty brew, or enjoy the atmosphere when they are open!

In case you missed it, we suggest checking out the Route 66 sites listed under day 1!

Enjoy dinner at a location of your choosing!

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Day 3: Extend Your Adventure

Sleep in and then grab a bite to eat before you check out. Today is your day to
revisit any of your favorite sites, do anything you miss, or pop by a nearby town and check out their sites. The Litchfield Tourism Office can provide you a list of nearby attractions, that you may want to explore.

Print yourself a copy of the 2020 Litchfield Getaway Package here>


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