Lake Lou Yaeger Handicap Resources

Handicap Resources

Handicap Accessible Resources at Lake Lou Yaeger

We understand that some of our visitors need a little more information when planning their trip, and we hope this list helps you! Here is a list of our current handicap accessible amenities at Lake Lou Yaeger.

If you have additional questions, please call the Lake Superintendent at 217-324-5832.

Marina 1

  • The handicap entrance to the Marina 1 Office and Store is located on the north side of the building. There is a directional sign in the rear of the building to direct you.
  • The comfort station on the southwest corner of the lower parking lot has handicap accessible bathrooms.
  • The boat slips on the north side of the Marina 1 Office are handicap accessible. The ramp is 4ft wide by approximately 28 ft long, and the platforms between each boat are 3 feet wide. Parking has a time restrictions unless a special permit is received from the Lake Department; this is specifically important for those who will be camping and needing a place to leave their vehicle overnight.

Marina 2

  • The comfort station in the parking lot of Marina 2 has handicap accessible bathrooms.


  • Camping Cabins: Cabin #1 is handicap accessible.
  • Bi-Centennial (RV) Campground: the shower house and the campsites are handicap accessible.
  • Equestrian Campground: the shower house and the campsites are handicap accessible.

Milnot Beach

  • The handicap entrance to Milnot Beach is located on the south side of the building along the fence. The concession stand and beach house are also accessible via this entrance.

Picnic Areas

  • Picnic Area 3 Pavilion is handicap accessible. This picnic area has a sidewalk from the parking lot to the pavilion and an ADA picnic table.
  • Picnic Areas 1 and 4 are handicap accessible, however these do require an individual to venture across unpaved surface to get to these pavilions. Each of these picnic areas has an ADA picnic table.


  • The playground located at Marina 1 is handicap accessible.


If you have a question about something that is not covered, please call 217-324-5832 to inquire so we can add the information to this listing!

The above listing meets the EBA and ADA standards as published from 2012.