Tell me more Litchfield

Tell me more Litchfield

Tell me more Litchfield


Litchfield, Illinois is an easy-going, salt-of-the-earth destination, packed with Americana charm and Route 66 nostalgia. Located an hour between the Land of Lincoln in the Illinois State Capital of Springfield and the Gateway to the West, St. Louis, MO, Litchfield’s location couldn’t be better. Want more information about Litchfield? Just fill out the form below!

A Short History About Litchfield

Litchfield began in 1853 with the genesis of the Terre Haute, Alton and St. Louis Railroad.

When the Civil War came, Litchfield was the first in the State to respond to the President’s call. One company from Litchfield was used to help form the Seventh Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, the first in the State of Illinois.

The oil and gas were discovered and two coal mines were sunk in the area in the 1880s. As the years progressed, Litchfield was blessed with six railroads: The Wabash, now Norfolk Southern; Illinois Central; Chicago; Burlington and Quincy; The Interurban; Litchfield and Madison and the C.C.C. and St. Louis, known as the Big Four. Two remain – the C.B. and Q. and the Norfolk Southern.

Among the factors that contributed to Litchfield’s continued growth was the building of U.S. Route 66, the main highway from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. Part of the original ‘Mother Road’ remains intact today and continues to be an active party of Litchfield as it brings tourists from all over the world.

To Illinois and Missouri travelers, Litchfield is still best known as the halfway point between Illinois’ capital, Springfield, and St. Louis, Missouri.

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